Axle Repair Parts

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Axle Repair Parts

We offer a huge selection of axle repair parts. Including hubs, drums, bearings, races, seals, studs, nuts, bolts, washers, retainers, grease and oil caps, electric brake assemblies and parts, hydraulic brake assemblies and parts, air brake parts, and hydraulic brake lines and fittings! We are also a Dexter Axle distributor for axles and axle re...



  • Idler Hubs, Hub/Drums

    We have a huge inventory of hubs, ranging from light duty idler hubs to heavy duty hub / drums. We also stock several kits that including bearings, seals, and lug nuts to make it easier on you! If you need help identifying the correct hub for your trailer, feel free to call us at 410-758-1333 during business hours or email us at your convenience!

  • Bearings, Races, Seals, Retainers

    We have a huge selection of trailer wheel bearings, grease seals, and axle hardware for the final assembly of your trailer axle.

  • Grease Caps, Oil Caps & Bearing Buddy's

    We have a large selection of trailer grease caps, oil caps, and bearing protectors!

  • Studs, Nuts, Wheel bolts, Rim clamps

    We have a huge selection of trailer wheel studs, lug nuts, wheel bolts, and rim clamps! We have everything you need to mount your trailer wheels, even mobile home style wheels!

  • Electric Brakes

    We have a huge selection of electric trailer brakes including complete electric brake assemblies and electric brake repair parts.

  • Hydraulic Brakes

    We have a huge selection of hydraulic trailer brakes including complete hydraulic brake assemblies and hydraulic brake repair parts.

  • Air Brake Parts

    Parts for trailers equipped with air brakes.

  • Hydraulic Brake Fittings & Lines

    We have a variety of hydraulic lines and fittings for your trailer. We stock rubber, steel, and stainless steel brake lines as well as an assortment of fittings.

  • Hydraulic Line Kits

    We carry several trailer brake line kits for single and tandem axle trailers.

  • Hydraulic Disc Brakes

    Hydraulic disc brakes kits and associated parts for your trailer